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metal sheild primer 2metal sheild primer 2

Epoxy Primer 7011

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2K Primer for steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, zinc and aluminium
Can be painted over in 120 minutes
Available in RAL 7032 Grey. (any colour upon request)
Special anti-corrosive properties
Provides smooth base for Metal Paint topcoats
Includes hardener at 20%


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Creative Resins brings to you the perfect base paint for metal with Epoxy Primer 7011. This high performance anti corrosion paint is a 2k primer for steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, zinc and aluminium. 

This is an exceptionally versatile and industrial quality 2 pack or 2K Epoxy Primer formulated for external areas that demand high mechanical, chemical, and abrasion resistance providing exceptional adhesion directly onto metal as well as delivering an extremely high antioxidant and anti-corrosive protection.

The paint is currently available in RAL 7032 Grey as standard but can be produced in any preferred colour upon request. You can also use this as a spray paint via a conventional spray gun or apply using a standard paint brush or roller. 

This two-component primer is specifically formulated to provide an outstanding performance and is recommended for use with our Acrylic PU topcoats to provide excellent anti-slip properties for steel staircases, stair treads, ramps, walkways, fire escapes, ferrous supports as well as outdoor flooring applications including cement and concrete. It is perfect for Steel, Zinc, Galvanised material, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium.