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Top Quality Glass Paint Products for Impeccable Decoration

Creative Resin is your one stop shop and premier glass paint supplier offering some of the best glass paint products that are suitable for all types of glass (including toughened glass) in your work or residential place. We offer paint products in a variety of sleek and eye-catching colours, to satisfy all kinds of varying preferences which include but are not limited to glass coating and glass backsplash painting

The top quality adhesives we offer are guaranteed to not scratch, fade or delaminate due to their water and alkali resistant features. Our Heat proof and waterproof glass paints offer permanent protection to your glass from all kinds of harsh weathers. 

We offer a range of glass paint products for you decorative and architectural convenience. Our products include glass spray paints, liquid glass paint, acrylic glass paint, glitter glass paint, and glass paints for granite, mirror, crackle and web special effects to give a unique look to the glass in your area of choice. 

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