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smooth satin 600x600 1smooth satin 600x600 1

GlassPaint Special Effect – Satin

£39.41£177.32 ex VAT


Create the appearance of satin glass
Suitable for internal and external application
Excellent adhesion to glass
Perfect for privacy glass



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This paint product is the perfect answer to the question – ‘What paint product to use on glass windows?’ GlassPaint Special Effects – Satin can be used to give an appearance of acid etch to your glass. It is excellent in adhesion and is perfectly suitable for both internal and external applications.

A pre-mixed ready to use paint that is easily applied using a conventional spray gun and dries to give the appearance and feel of real acid etch / satin glass. Pigment can be added to tint the satin effect. No mess or dust and does not leave difficult to remove finger prints. Still has the benefit of going transparent when clear or transparent paint is applied to the surface.