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mirror 1k special effect 600x600 1mirror 1k special effect 600x600 1

Top Quality Mirror Paint for Glass

£65.00£290.00 ex VAT


High reflective paint for glass replicating real mirror
Can be applied to toughened glass
Excellent adhesion to glass
Back with a dark colour using GlassPaints Supreme



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We at Creative Resins have just the mirror paint for glass you need to create your own mirrors. We offer a wide range of glass paint products that are some of the best options in the market to paint your mirror glass with.

We provide top quality heat resistant and waterproof mirror glass paint products that will not fade, scratch or delaminate. The paint products we offer provide your mirror glass with the protection and high reflection it needs without harming the natural transparent aesthetic.

For extra convenience, you can also spray paint your mirror glass with our range of advanced and innovative mirror spray paint for glass products. So whether you have an antique mirror that needs some restoration or maintenance or want to make your own antique mirror, we have just the glass paint products you need.

A highly reflective mirror paint for use on glass and plastic. Easy to apply using a conventional spray gun and fast drying. Works on any type of glass including toughened and can be used to create a number of Antique Mirror effects. It is so good it looks exactly like a real mirror.
Also available in an Aerosol.

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