Robust and State-of-the-Art Mixing Equipment.

Creative resins is home to some of the most advanced, and state of the art mixing equipment available providing simple, thorough and hassle-free paint mixing and preparation giving perfect results time and time again. The equipment we offer goes through stringent quality checks and trials and comes with long-term warranties attached to them.

The mixing equipment is provided with the latest computerized sensory control technology that precisely measures and mixes and automates the entire blending process. All our equipment is compatible with all CR water based and solvent paint systems.

Although all of the equipment mentioned below are reasonably priced, there are certain factors that go beyond price when it ultimately comes to selecting the right mixing equipment. You need equipment that can manage a number of colour variants with utmost ease. You also need equipment that can manage even the most difficult of paint material with varying chemistry. Quality flushing and metering components are also needed to make sure you make the right proportional choices every time before initiating the mixing process. Rest assured, our equipment takes care of it all.

Apart from robust paint mixing, the tools at your disposal also offer seamless colour matching for a remarkable customer experience. At creative resins we offer a wide range of diverse equipment that includes Gyroscopic Mixers, Automatic Dispensers for colour formulations, Colour Matching Software, Vortex Mixer and Mixing Shelves.

So explore our huge gallery of industrial paint mixing equipment and choose some of the most reliable and advanced equipment at unparalleled prices from Creative Resins today. 

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