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Plaspaint CatalystPlaspaint Catalyst

PlasPaint Catalyst Hardener

£60.44£120.88 ex VAT


Hardener for PlasPaint Base
Use at a 20% ratio of PlasPaint Base


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PlasPaint catalyst is a substance added to the Plaspaint Base coat that creates a crosslinking reaction improving adhesion, gloss level, and resistance to chemicals.  It also improves surface hardness and durability and increases the overall drying time. It is an essential component for PlasPaint 2K and as such a very important item in Creative Resins’ catalog of door and wood paint products.  It is added prior to use at a quantity of 20%. 

PlasPaint Catalyst is available from Creative Resins in 2.5Ltr and 5 Ltr sizes. Available on a next day delivery at a competitive price from Creative Resins’ online store for surface coating and paint products.