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Creative Resins brings to you a range of high-quality floor paint products that are specifically designed to bring colour to a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. The industrial floor paint products we provide are designed specifically for wooden, concrete, stone, cement, cellar, high traffic, kitchen, warehouse and other floor surfaces.

The paint products exhibit impeccable anti-slip, non-skid, waterproof properties that make the paint extremely pragmatic to use and durable for both interior and exterior uses. We also offer a selection of eco-friendly paint products that we manufacture in our own factory using some of the most reputed industrial resins available. You also get to choose from a plethora of colour and design options for enhanced aesthetic appeal. The options include metallic, gloss, glow in the dark and glitter dispositions for your floor. 

Our floor paint is also available as a spray paint that can be easily applied via a spray gun for extra convenience. Needless to say, but our heavy duty floor paint products are the best floor paint available online.

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