A comprehensive range of automatic processing equipment

Spray Master

Capable of spraying carved and flat profiles at high speed with constant run-through. It’s an ideal machine for spraying large quantities of composite doors, UPVC window profile and many other substrates. The automatic spray guns are controlled pneumatically via photo-eyes and time relay.


The Picasso is our automatic painting system for glass. Not only is it fast, simple to use and easy to clean, but it also ensures no mistakes. Maximise your business’ profitability and production levels with the quickest colour change system in the glass industry.

Automatic Dispenser

A colour dispenser which automatically mixes the recipe for our colour spray pigments from pre loaded software ensuring the correct ratio is mixed every time. Designed for the users convenience with the computer at eye level to save on space in the factory, mixing spray colours has never been easier. The dispenser has an automatic alarm to alert when the individual colours need replenishing making the whole system error free.

Surface Master

An automatic system for preparing the surface of PVCu profiles and trims, Composite Doors and various other substrates. The Surface Master is capable of cleaning multiple sides as well as recesses and raised surfaces in doors within the same pass.

Dry Master

An automated drying tunnel system for enhanced curing of painted and lacquered surfaces, specially designed for curing painted lengths of PVCu profile and composite doors as well as various other substrates. Painted surfaces are evenly dried by continuous filtered warm air movement and multiple banks of IR lamps with variable heat settings.

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