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vortex mixervortex mixer
vortex mixervortex mixer

Vortex Mixer

£2,124.68 ex VAT


Automatic clamping vortex paint tin shaker
Three Selectable Mixing Times
Small Footprint 725mm x 610mm
50mm – 390mm Can height


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The vortex mixer is one of the most advanced industrial mixing shakers when it comes to paint mixing tools and equipment. The system offers three selectable mixing times. Creative Resins understands the clamoring need for a robust state-of-the-art tool to make the mixing process easier. As such, Vortex Mixer performs this very task with impeccable panache.

The entire paint mixing and colour matching becomes extremely easy with Vortex mixer. With creative resins mixing equipment they have become one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry, and vortex mixer testifies to this very fact.

Available for up to 35kg, this Automatic Clamping Vortex Paint Mixer is the perfect solution for shaking of pigments and base resin ready for spraying. Suffice to Say, the Vortex Mixer is the best paint mixing equipment available today in the industry.