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Crystalite Resin

£1,751.93 ex VAT


Designed to produce stunning replica glass bevel panels
Water clear and non yellowing
Individual bevels can be coloured to match the door
Size – 225Kg

COVERAGE: 1 sqm at 1mm thick = 1 LITRE


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Creative Resins brings to you the spectacular crystalite resin, which is designed to create magnificent replica glass bevel panels. The resin exhibits water-like clarity and is not at all prone to ‘Yellowing’. The crystalite resin kit can be used to colour individual bevels in order to match the doors perfectly. 

Crystalite is a transparent Unsaturated Poly-Acrylic resin that can replicate traditional Glass Bevel clusters and designs. Using a fiberglass mould complex, bevel clusters can be reproduced easily and quickly. Crystalite Resin Bevels are used in Composite Doors and PVCu infill panels to create stunning feature panels.

Creative Resins is one of the best crystallite resin manufacturers in the industry. You can grab these resins from our online shop at unparalleled prices today.