Consumables & Sundries

Consumable and Sundries

Painting any object to a professional finish can be difficult and time consuming but if you are equipped with the right tools it will make the process so much easier. Creative Resins have spent years developing paints and consumables and understand what can make a quality finish challenging. As such, we have a huge range of paint shop essentials that aim to make your painting experience considerably easier achieving a first class finish even for the less experienced applicator making the whole experience ultimately more rewarding.

We are your one stop shop for all sorts of quality consumables and sundries that you can purchase from our online store at some of the best prices available. We are home to essential items like disposable paint cups, paint filters and stirrers, solvent resistant disposable gloves, measuring cups, application bottles and a whole lot more.

From protecting yourself and the environment to choosing eco-friendly products, there are a number of good reasons to equip yourself with some of the best paint shop essentials available from our store. Suffice to say, we offer a comprehensive range of essential items to aid your painting process. From cleaners and degreasers to scotch pads and paint rollers, from plastic cups and buckets to paint filters and spray guns, we can supply all your needs to keep you painting at all times.

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