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Clear Cast 50

£55.00£130.00 ex VAT

Exceptionally clear casting resin for various surfaces
Extremely transparent and non yellowing
Can be casted up to 50mm thick in one application
Can be machine polished for glass like finish


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A two component Clear Casting Epoxy resin, very low viscosity, long pot life and Water Clear transparency. Can cast up to 50mm thick is a single application. Excellent degassing properties even at maximum thickness, excellent impact and scratch resistance, can be machined and polished. It also benefits from being lightweight. Minimal shrinkage and non-yellowing. Can be machined and polished to a glass like finish.
Has excellent adhesion to most substrates especially glass and metals and can be used to create worktops and table tops. Especially good for producing ‘River Resin’ tables and for general casting where exceptional transparency is required. A wide range of colours and decorative effect fillers can be added to create limitless decorative objects.

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2.84Ltrs (2Ltr Base / 840ml Catalyst), 7.1Ltrs (5Ltrs Base / 2.1Ltrs Catalyst)