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Creative Resins is home to some of the best metal paint products that can be used over on an array of indoor and outdoor metal surfaces. The fact that our paint can be used to protect the surface of metal against rust is due to their high anti-corrosive properties making them the best paint to use on metal. 

Apart from that our paint products are available in multiple colours upon your request. You can choose from RAL, NCS, Pantone and many other colours. The paint can be applied using a conventional spray gun as well as either paint brush or roller for extra convenient metal painting. We have paint that can tolerate high heat as well as provide excellent anti-slip and anti-skid properties and so much more.

This metallic paint is also good for metal gates, stairs, garden furniture, bathtubs, cladding as well as being an impeccable paint for antique brass. As such, this product is great to prevent rust as well as giving a really professional finish. 

Our metal paint is perfect for Steel, Zinc, Galvanised material, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium. You can explore our range of metal primer paints and top coats available at affordable prices today.

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