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2K Non Slip Metal Paint – Matt 8018

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Designed for areas that require excellent Anti Slip Properties to Class 3 UNE-ENV1263
Available in any colour
10 year external and internal warranty
Special anti-corrosive properties when use with Epoxy Primer 7011
Spray Gun, Brush and Roller application



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Looking for a good anti-slip grip paint for metal. Well, look no further than Creative Resins’ 2K Anti Slip Paint with Matt finish.

Creative Resins brings to you a powerful matt metal paint with Anti Slip properties. This non-slip paint for metal is designed for areas that require excellent Anti Slip Properties to Class 3 UNE-ENV1263. This non-skid paint for metal can work as a sheet metal paint as well as a non-slip paint for metal stairs and other metal surfaces. The slip-resistant paint for metal is available in any colour. The paint also provides excellent anti-corrosive protection when used with Creative Resins Epoxy Primer 7011.

This is an Anti Slip acrylic topcoat with a matt finish combined with an aliphatic hardener that gives excellent colour and gloss retention. This 2K anti slip matt metal paint is a premium high quality product which provides excellent adhesion to metals. It also has very good resistance to citric acid, Ammonia, Bleach, and Gasoline.

This Anti Slip product is classified as Class 3 UNE-ENV1263 skid/slip resistance for surfaces submitted to heavy traffic, requiring high mechanical resistance, scratch and chemical resistance (parking areas, steel floors and staircases, fire escapes, walkways). The paint can also be applied using a conventional spray gun or applied with a standard paint brush or roller.

Some Applications:

  • Non-Slip Coating for Steel
  • Non-Slip Paint for Metal Ramps
  • Non Skid Paint for Metal Stairs
  • Exterior Anti-Slip Metal Paint for Steps

Non Slip Matt Metal Paint – 8018 can be used for:

  • Parking Areas
  • Steel Floors
  • Metal Staircases
  • Loading Bays
  • Walkways


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1.2Ltr (1Ltr Base + 200ml Hardener), 6Ltr (5Ltr Base + 1Ltr Hardener), 30Ltr (25Ltr Base + 5Ltr Hardener)