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Paint Thinner & Reducer – PlasPaint Base Reducer

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Reducer / Thinner for Plaspaint Base.
Add up to 10% reducer to the Plaspaint base for optimum spraying viscosity.

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Creative Resins’ PlasPaint Reducer is an advanced paint thinner used to thin the paint without affecting its durability. It allows the paint to flow more evenly and can be added to the base paint to suit specific and individual needs. The coverage area is also extended improving the economics of the paint. Approximately 10% Plaspaint Reducer is recommended to be added to the Plaspaint base to achieve the desired spray viscosity.

PlasPaint Reducer and thinner is a solvent for reducing the viscosity of the PlasPaint base depending on the individual sprayer preferences, weather conditions, or the type of equipment used to apply the paint. It should be added to the finished paint immediately before spraying by stirring with a mixing stick or shaker. It is specially designed for PlasPaint.

We manufacture a range of the best paint thinners for use with a variety of paint bases. They are produced using high quality materials. We guarantee that our advanced products are packaged and offered at a fair market price. Our products are obtained from premium quality chemicals, strictly adhering to the ultimate industry standards of the vendor. It is safe to use, effortless to apply, and available at market-leading prices.

PlasPaint Reducer and Thinner is a solvent blend designed to quickly dissolve dried paint, making it easy to clean brushes and rollers with little or no residue. It can also be a thinner or extender for a variety of interior and exterior base paints. This paint reducer is available at Creative Resins in two size options. You can choose a 1-liter can or pick a 5-liter can. Our paint reducers and thinners are available from stock and online at the best prices.

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