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Pigments & Colour Match

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Pigments and Colour Match

Choose from various colours and pigments from colour charts, such as dulux paint, Farrow and Ball, Crown, Pantone etc., to perform colour mixing and apply to your desired surface via spray guns and paint equipment. Blend these pigments of touch up paint with all Creative Resin base paint products based on your preference. Use our colour match paint online software to create fascinating colour combinations by mixing paint that goes well with your doors, windows, glass splashbacks, worktop joints, and kitchen surfaces. The colours and pigments for the paint touch up are perfect for both interior and exterior paint.

Creative Resins’ exclusive Colour Match software means ANY colour match and colour mix can be made from our specialized pigments such as dulux paints with our unique computerized ‘Formulation and Mixing’ system. Over 15000 colours including Renolit, RAL, BS, Pantone, NCS, and Dulux are pre-installed and can be easily matched and re-created, providing an infinite choice of colours. Use the paint matching service, dulux paint mixing and Dulux colour match for accurate results. CR Colour Matching Facility internally offers a paint mixing system and a paint matching colour scanner to ensure precision. This service ensures fast turnaround on the unique colour scan, colour matches, paint dulux combinations, and even touch-up paint needs uploaded directly to your software. The virtual room painter helps visualize the result, while the colour matcher tool refines your choices.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Pigments Colour Match Paint

Ques: Can I use Creative Resins’ pigments and paints for both indoor and outdoor projects?
Ans: Yes, our wide range of pigments and Creative Resin base paint products from paint finder are suitable for both interior and exterior applications, ensuring versatility for all your painting needs such as touchup paint, mixing paint colours, paint scanner, etc. So, whether you’re looking for paint colour finder or colour matching solutions for indoors or durable options for outdoor projects, we’ve got you covered.

Ques: How does the Colour Match software work, and can I use it for custom combinations?
Ans: Our Colour Match software, containing colour tester and paint simulator is user-friendly and capable of paint matching and paint colour mixing. You can compare paints uk, pick from over 15,000 pre-installed colours or explore online colour matching for custom combinations. To further facilitate you, the software has an integrated paint matcher tool that provides precise formulations, enabling an exact paint match for your chosen shades. You can then effortlessly mix them with our products.

Ques: What types of surfaces can I paint with Creative Resins’ pigments and paints?
Ans: Our versatile pigments and paints for touchup paint uk can be applied to many surfaces and match paint colour. From doors and windows to glass splashbacks, worktop joints, and kitchen surfaces, our colour matching paint, colour match tool ensures a seamless blend. Plus, with the option to use our paint colour match online tool, the possibilities of a paint mixer online are virtually endless!

Ques: How long does it take to receive custom colour matches from your Colour Matching Facility?
Ans:  We offer a fast turnaround for custom colour matches using our paint colour scanner, paint colour identifier and paint colour matcher. Once your unique colour is created by colour mixing online, it is promptly uploaded directly to your software, ensuring you can start using it in your projects without delay.

Ques: Are there any limitations to the colour choices available with Creative Resins’ pigments and Colour Match software?
Ans:  There are virtually no limitations for paint colour matching service! Our software includes various matching paint colours, including Renolit, RAL, BS, Pantone, NCS, and Dulux, and our online colour matcher, paint identifier, so your creative possibilities of paint mixing online are nearly boundless. Whether you’re seeking a basic paint matcher or an intricate colour matching tool, our software is equipped to meet all your requirements. So, whether it’s a standard shade or a custom colour match spray paint, rest assured we’ve got it all.

What Our Customers Say About Our Pigments Colour Match Paint

  • The various painting colours, colour match paint, paint matching tool, paint checker, and user-friendly software have empowered me to create stunning finishes on my doors, windows, and kitchen surfaces. With Creative Resins’ colour matching service, it’s like having an artist’s palette at my fingertips!
  • I’m a professional painter and swear by Creative Resins’ products such as touch up paints, colour match touch up paint. The quality of their pigments, mix colour and colour paints is unmatched. The Colour Match software, especially the online paint colour match feature, is a real time-saver, allowing me to easily meet my clients’ exact preferences. Their paint mixing service is a game-changer for my business.
  • I was skeptical about finding the perfect shade for my glass splashbacks, but Creative Resins exceeded my expectations of colour paint match. Their Colour Match touch paint software took the guesswork out of the equation, and the results of match colour were flawless. My kitchen looks fantastic, and I couldn’t be happier!
  • Creative Resins has simplified the painting process and helped me find paint colour. Whether interior or exterior, their pigments and paints have consistently delivered outstanding results. The colour match software is a brilliant tool that ensures I achieve the exact I envision for my projects.
  • From finding the perfect shade for my glass splashbacks using the colour matcher online to creating unique combinations for my worktop joints, their products, and software have become indispensable tools in my DIY arsenal. The quality and results of Creative Resins’ paint service are truly exceptional.