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CR Paint Pigments – Black & White Colour

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High solid content pigment to be added to GlassPaint A and B
Heat resistant and UV stable
Used for the backing of splashbacks and mirrors
Easy to apply using conventional spray gun

COVERAGE: 25.6sqm glass- 40sqm plas = 1 LITRE


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Buy Paint pigments that exhibit exceptional quality at Creative Resins. Creative Resins is home to some of the best paint pigments in UK.

CR Pigments are an industrial range of high quality, high solid pigments. These High Solid Content Paint Pigment are easy to incorporate into all our paint bases. They allow for easy application and are heat resistant and UV stable. As far as paint pigments go, this is perfect for the choice for Wall Cladding, Splashbacks, Mirrors, Doors and Windows metal structures and floors.

Our high solid pigments are supplied in a concentrate solution. They are easily added to the GlassPaint Base and Hardener and the PlasPaint 1k and 2k base products as well as all our other base ranges. The high solids content gives them exceptional hiding properties and helps provide an anti-scratch protective coating for back painted projects or for top-coat applications that are open to the elements and subject to daily wear and tear. When added to the selected base paint they can be easily applied using a conventional spray gun, paint brush or roller. Available in White (for the backing of light colours when used on glass) and Black (for the backing of dark colours on glass).

Available In Colours

  • White Paint Pigment
  • Black Paint Pigment


  • Mirrors
  • Splashbacks
  • Wall Cladding


Additional information

Weight5 kg