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Gold Glitter Paint For Glass

Glitter Paint for Glass – Gold/Silver Spray Paint

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Special effect glitter to apply to glass before a backing colour
Variety of coloured glitters
Available in powder form
Available pre-mixed ready to spray



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Give a unique decorative effect to glass splash-backs, mirrors or glass room dividers with Creative Resin’s glitter glass paint products. This glitter paint for glass is available in a variety of colours to provide some interesting and bespoke special effects to glass before adding your desired backing colour in our GlassPaints supreme or H2O.

You get to choose from a wide range of glittered colours to create fascinating refractions of light and colour in your commercial or domestic environments. You also get to choose from two practical options. You can either opt for glittered powder to add to the GlassPaint Supreme base and Hardener or opt for the ready to use pre-mixed glitter spray paint instead. Whatever choice you make, we guarantee you will not regret it.

A wide range of fine coloured glitters creating a refraction of light and colour. The colour variants include gold, silver, copper, rainbow and many more. Once applied to the glass surface choose a contrasting backing colour to highlight the glitter or just leave it as a subtle transparent glitter,

1 litre of this glitter glass paint can cover approximately 9 SQM of area. We guarantee a durable, high-end special effect that will give you the results you are looking for. Suffice to say, we at Creative Resins are the best suppliers of glass glitter paint in UK.


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250g (Powder), 1Ltr (Pre-mixed)