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Glass Paint Supreme – Pre Mixed Acrylic Epoxy Resin Paint for Glass

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Pre-mixed Acrylic epoxy resin paint for glass
Available in any colour from our Colour Match software
Ideal for glass splash-backs, glass cladding, bathroom glass panels and toughened glass. 
Heat and water resistant 



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Creative Resins GlassPaint Supreme Pre-mixed is the blend of GlassPaint Spray A and Colour Pigment formula that comes ready to spray. It is the ideal option to bring some colour to your glass splashbacks, glass cladding, toughened glass, glass table top and bathroom glass panels. 

 It comes with GlassPaint Spray B which is added in equal amounts. Over 15000 colours are available from our ‘Colour Match’ software to provide an infinite range of colours including RAL, NCS, Pantone and numerous other corporate colours, that include white, black, blue, silver glass paint and other eye-catching options. GlassPaint Supreme offers you with a durable product that can remain active for at least 12 months inside its original containers, thus offering an unparalleled economic incentive in the process.

GlassPaint Supreme is an Acrylic Epoxy resin that provides an exceptional adhesion directly onto all types of glass including toughened and antique glass. It can also be used on ceramic tiles and as a regular acrylic paint for glass. Its waterproof, UV stable and weatherproof properties can help your glass surface withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

GlassPaints Supreme is fast drying and can be easily applied using a conventional spray gun. It has excellent heat resistance making it ideal to use directly behind hobs and ovens in kitchen areas or externally in direct sunlight. It is a non-isocyanate two pack system. It is the perfect answer to the question ‘What paint to use on glass?’


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1Ltr (500ml A + 500ml B), 5Ltr (2.5Ltr A + 2.5Ltr B)