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2K Polyurethane Paint – PlasPaint Base

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A two pack polyurethane and acrylic resin formulated for use on PVCu frames, Composite Doors and Aluminium.
Permanent adhesion
Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
Excellent weathering and chemical resistance
Excellent colour fastness
Easy to use and available in any colour


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Creative Resins brings to you one of the best 2 pack polyurethane / acrylic paints for exterior doors and windows available on the market today.  PlasPaint is a 2K paint that exhibits robust qualities pertaining to permanent adhesion, excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, excellent weathering and chemical resistance, excellent colour fastness and a lot more. All of these features make for an extremely durable polyurethane 2 pack paint as well as being very easy to use.

The paint provides a magnificent exterior surface coating for PVC, aluminium, composite, steel and wood as well as many other surfaces. 

Plaspaint is manufactured in the UK by Creative Resins.  This specialist 2 pack coating consists of a unique  Acrylic and Polyurethane blend that provides strength, flexibility, excellent scratch and chemical resistance as well as an incredible surface bond.

PlasPaint is also available is Aerosol cans that are perfect for on-site touch ups and repairs.


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