Preparation Equipment

Preparation Equipment

Preparation is so important to achieve the long-term durability and aesthetics on your chosen substrate. Most people just want to get on with applying that final layer of paint to create that decorative surface but unless you take that little bit of time to lay the perfect groundwork its very likely that after a short period of time you will be doing the whole process again.  Prep-work is key to a long lasting and excellent finish.  No matter how good the surface coating is it will only adhere to what you are applying it too and if that previous surface has grease, flaking paint or is generally dirty then you are selling yourself or your customer short.  Different substrates demand different preparations and its important to follow the paint manufacturers instructions.  Metal may require sandblasting to remove oxides before using a base primer. Glass may need to be polished or cleaned with a deep clean solution. Wood may need to be sanded to remove old paint or to create a smooth surface.  Composite Doors need to be denibbed and degreased to ensure the paint adheres properly.  Plastic trims and PVCu profiles need to have a light abrasion to remove the surface wax which can inhibit permanent adhesion.  However, with the right preparation equipment and tools and solutions you can accomplish your painting goals with the utmost confidence.

Creative Resins is home to these tools and solutions and for the larger processors we even have automatic surface preparation machines.  One such machine is the Prep Master.  This system can be tailored to your needs and requirements due to the changeable abrasive heads chosen to suit the substrate you need to prepare.  The flexible heads are capable of getting into all those little nooks and crannies which are so difficult and time consuming when doing by hand.  Our one of a kind the Prep Master machine provides you with an all-in-one system that offers multiple services to help you with your preparation especially for composite doors, PVCu and wood.

You don’t have to bother looking for different tools to serve different pre-prep purposes. With our robust and advanced technology machine you will have the power of a multiple preparation systems all in one. 

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