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Sanding & Denibbing Machine | Prep Master | Creative Resins

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Preparing before lacquering, and between first and second coating
Pre-sanding, Sealer-sanding and de-nibbing
Flat and profiled items such as doors, table tops, shutters, profiles and frames
2 hoods with integral sanding heads
Recommended extraction flow is min. 1000 m³/hour per hood


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Creative Resins is home to a remarkable preparation machine that gets you ready for the painting process. The Prep-Master is an industrial, heavy-duty pre-sanding machine capable of processing various widths, weights, and thicknesses of materials at speed. Its advanced technology and adaptable heads allows for a wide range of different substrates to be processed and prepared to allow you to get your job done with an uncompromising finish. 

Our Prep Master machine provides you with an all-in-one system that offers multiple services to help you with your preparation. It can easily and quickly prepare the surface of flat or detailed composite doors, shaped PVCu profiles, building trims, and wood, in fact, it is ideal for most things that need a surface preparation before a painted or lacquered finish.

The Prep Master is Creative Resins’ answer to all your surface preparation needs pre painting. This machine is bespoke to your requirements and will prepare your substrate ready for coating with CR Supreme Solvent or Water based H2O Paint systems. This machine is ideal for large quantities of composite doors, PVCu window profile, architrave, plastic building trims, Aluminium and even metal sheets.

Suffice to say, if you are looking for a lacquer, door, wood, furniture, or metal sanding machine, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The Prep Master surface preparation machine is a master of all trades, coming from the ever-reliable stables of Creative Resins. It is undoubtedly the best profile sanding machine out there. Whether you need a denibbing tool or a moulding sander, Prep Master’s got your back

This paint sanding machine is available now at an affordable price. Make this phenomenal state-of-the-art equipment yours today and say goodbye to all your preparation woes forever.

Additional information

Machine Width

800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm, 1450mm