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Product Details

Automatic Gyroscopic Mixer – Manual Clamping – CR400M

£5,867.12 ex VAT

High can height. Compatible with 500mm paint can
Easy Loading: Tri-direction door and extractable loading plate
One-minute Mixing


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Technical Specification

Mixing Weight – Up to 40kg
Mixing time – 30-900s,In 30s increments
Mixing speed – 150/185/240rpm
Mixing Range – Can size 1-25L / Can Diameter 50-400mm / Can Height 70-500mm
Machine Dimension (WxDxH) – 990x940x1200mm
Packing Dimension (WxDxH) – 1030x1020x1360mm
Net Weight – 265kg
Power Supply – 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
Power – 1.5kW

Creative Resins Gyroscopic paint mixer is designed for heavy duty industrial applications. It is a device used to mix paint cans thoroughly, ensuring that the paint is well-blended and ready for use. The container is securely fixed into position using an innovative automatic clamping design which rotates at 150 rpm and in a way that eliminates the inclusion of air bubbles. The mixing time is variable between 30 and 900 seconds and can easily mix weights of up to 36 kilo. The Creative Resins Gyroscopic Mixer has a tri-directional sliding door and extractable loading plate which provides easy access for loading and unloading of the paint containers. It is manufactured using a steel frame construction with a weight an overall weight of 220kg providing a smooth and quiet operation. It is simple to operate with user friendly controls providing clear operational information and diagnostics together with an auto clamping detection warning light.  The Gyroscopic mixer accepts a range of containers from 50 – 360mm in diameter and 90 – 400mm in height.

The Creative Resins Gyroscopic Mixer has many benefits.

Saves Time: Mixing paint cans by hand can be a time-consuming process, particularly for larger projects. A gyroscopic paint shaker can mix paint quickly and efficiently, allowing you to spend more time on other tasks.

Consistency: It ensures that the paint is evenly mixed, producing consistent colour and texture throughout and unlike a standard paint shaker helps eliminate the incorporation of air bubbles.  This is particularly important for larger projects, where variations in colour and texture can be noticeable.

Better Coverage: Properly mixed paint covers better, which can save you time and money. A Gyroscopic paint mixer ensures that the paint is well-blended, resulting in better coverage and a more professional finish.

Longer Shelf Life: Some paints can separate over time, which can reduce their effectiveness and shelf life. A Gyroscopic paint mixer can prevent this from happening by keeping the paint well-mixed and homogeneous, ensuring that it remains effective for longer.

Overall, a Gyroscopic paint mixer is an essential tool for businesses that work with paint on a regular basis and demand a professional finish.. It can save time, improve consistency, enhance coverage, and extend the shelf life of your paint, making it a worthwhile investment for both professional and amateur painters alike.