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Wizard Illustrator | Wizard Resin Dispensing System

£9,409.07£13,285.67 ex VAT

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Specially design resin plotting machine
220 V-240V ~ 50 Hz / 7A Single phase
X,Y & Z axes Stepper Motors
Maximum Working Height 130mm
Belt power transmission
Precision steel guidance rails


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Creative Resins & Game of Thrones® Glass Art – Creative Resins

Applying Resin or Lead to your glass can be challenging and a bit tricky. One wrong step and you might just as well start from scratch. If only there was a technology that shouldered this responsibility for you. Fortunately, Creative Resins has just the thing you are looking for to make your glass painting endeavors satisfyingly more rewarding, easy and fun!

The Wizard Illustrator kit is a unique decorative glass technology that uses a computer-controlled resin dispensing system to create designs onto glass. It can very well be called a wizard dispensing system, thanks to its ability to dispense resin onto glass. Constructed from industrial strength alluminum with heavy-duty stainless steel guide rails and self-adjusting sealed bearings, these industrial wizard illustrator tools are robust, fast and quiet, and above all exceptionally reliable. 

An innovative twin component compact ‘Resiflo’ pump system controls the precise delivery and mixing of the Outline Base and Hardener creating a resin bead/contour that simulates traditional lead giving perfect results time and time again. A limitless range of infill colours and textures are available to create the perfect decorative art / stained glass panels.

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Process Area

800mm x 600mm, 1500mm x 1500mm, 2100mm x 1500mm, 2700mm x 1500mm