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Touch Up Paint Pots – 60ML with Brush

£38.14 ex VAT

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Plastic touch-up bottle with agitating marble
Fine paint brush built into the lid
60ml bottle and lid – Pack of 50


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Creative Resins’ Paint Touch Up Pots are an essential item to complete your paint projects. These transparent 60ml plastic touch-up paint pots have an agitating marble and a fine paintbrush built into the lid for enhanced convenience. The touch up paint pots are sold in packs of 50.

There are several benefits of using our innocuous appearing, but incredibly effective empty touch-up paint pots.

  • Perfect for small paint samples
  • Ideal for use on site or at installation to repair any minor scratches or marks
  • Easy to use.
  • The Touch up Paint Pots come with lid a built-in brush, agitating marble and air tight seal.
  • Suitable for Water Based and most solvent paints

Creative Resins offers a wide range of paint shop essentials. You can buy cleaners, scotch pads, plastic pipettes, disposable cups, and other paint shop essentials from Creative Resins’ on line shop at very competitive prices today.

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