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Colour Pots x100

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Polypropylene disposable cups
Measuring or decanting of liquids
60ml graduated cup – Pack of 100

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Creative Resins’ Colour Pots are a type of disposable cup made from Polypropylene. They are versatile tools often used for measuring and decanting liquids in various settings. These Colour pots x100 come in a pack of 100 and are available in 60ml graduated cups. The Polypropylene material used in making these pots is lightweight yet durable, which makes them easy to handle and store after use. They are also leak-proof, ensuring your workspace stays clean and neat throughout the painting process. The x100 Colour pots are suitable for paints, including emulsion, gloss, and varnish. You can use it with water and oil-based paints without affecting the quality of the end product. The disposable cups also provide an affordable solution to dispose of paint containers after use while maintaining eco-friendliness. Their miniature size makes them easy to handle and can be easily stored without taking up too much space. They allow you to experiment with shades and hues by mixing multiple colours in one pot. The graduation markings on the side make measuring the exact amount of paint required for your project manageable.

The Creative Resins’ Colour Pots have several benefits:

Reduces waste: Our Colour pots can help reduce waste by allowing you to mix only the amount of colour you need for each job. Painters often mix more paint than they need for a job, leading 333to leftover paint that ultimately goes to waste. It can be especially problematic when working with expensive or hard-to-find colours. However, using Creative Resins’ colour pots can reduce waste and save time and money.

Resistant to chemicals: Our colour pots resist chemicals and solvents. It can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals without degrading or melting.

Affordable: Polypropylene disposable cups are economical because they’re inexpensive and long-lasting. You can use it multiple times before disposing, saving money on supplies while maintaining high-quality standards.

Easy measurement:

The graduated cups make measuring the exact amounts of paint needed for each project easy. It means less waste, saving you both time and money. 

Overall, Creative Resins’ Colour Pots can reduce waste, resist chemicals, reduce cost, and promotes easy measurement; hence it is a profitable investment.

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