Paint Shop Essentials

We offer a comprehensive range of consumable products, from cleaners to scotch pads, and plastic-ware to disposable mixing cups, we can supply all your paint shop essentials and resin needs.



Gun Cleaners


Glass Cleaners


Lacquered Tins


Plastic Buckets


Static Mixers

Solvents and Cleaners

Our Solvents and Cleaners are used as part of the cleansing process. They use chemical solutions to remove unwanted grease, oil, residue, coatings or paint from the surface of a material.

Consumables and Sundries

Creative resins supplies a vast range of containers for the paint sector. Our containers are manufactured from a range of materials including plastic, tinplate, steel and glass.

Spares and Accessories

We stock all the necessary spare parts for our market leading paint spray line and resin dispensing machinery which enables us to quickly minimise machinery down time. We also hold a wide range of accessories and consumables offering a complete one stop shop.