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Application Bottle x10

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Apply a small amount of liquid to your solutions effortlessly. Simply fill them up and press to apply.
The bottles feature a straight tip cap for easy application. These screw on easily
Add a lid cover to your applicator bottle for storage between uses
125ml – Pack of 10

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We offer a comprehensive range of paint shop essentials. From cleaners to scotch pads, and plastic-ware to disposable mixing cups, we can supply all you need to keep your paint process fully stocked.

Creative Resins Application bottle was origionally designed for effortlessly applying a liquid colour to areas of glass to make decorative stained glass. It is also used as a handy device to precisely deliver fluids such as adhesives, solvents, paints, and other solutions. Our bottle is easy to use; fill it up with your desired product and gently squeeze the sides of the bottle to discharge the liquid via the spout top applying it directly onto the desired surface. Its unique design allows you to confidently apply liquid in a controlled manner without worrying about mishaps. The Creative Resins Application Bottle has a lid cover for the dispensing spout that ensures the remaining product stays fresh and doesn’t dry out between uses.

Application Bottle x10, the 125ml pack of 10, provides enough bottles for your projects without constantly restocking.

The Creative Resins Application bottle has many benefits:

  1. Versatile

It is highly versatile and can be utilized with any liquid including solvents and water-based materials. It is manufactured using a very soft and transparent plastic to make applications easily controllable. Its unique design and functionality make it an ideal choice for various types of application.

  1. Precise Application

It provides an efficient method of applying products without waste or messiness. The bottle’s nozzle design allows for precise application so that you can use your product more accurately.

  1. Air bubble-free

Air bubbles can compromise the final finish and lead to poor adhesion between layers, but with our application bottle, the nozzle design ensures no air bubbles are trapped during application.

  1. Consistency

It can apply even layers to achieve consistent results whenever you use it. It offers an easy and effective solution for achieving consistent coverage and curing every time.

Overall, if you’re looking for a versatile tool that can help you apply liquids more precisely and efficiently than ever, then the Creative Resins’ Application Bottle may be just what you need.

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