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Decorative Resins for Stained Glass

At Creative Resins, we proudly introduce our range of Decorative Resins explicitly tailored for stained glass.


Fast Curing


High Build


External Use


Excellent Adhesion



Supreme outline base

Supreme Outline Resin

Supreme Outline Resin is used to apply a resin bead on the surface of glass and other substrates to simulate the look of traditional leaded and stained glass windows.

H2O outline resin

H2O Outline Resin

A high profile resin bead applied to a glass surface that looks and feels like real lead. It is used to create the outline framework of decorative art glass designs. Available in a wide range of colours.

Infill Resin

Infill Resin

A water clear resin that can be transformed into any colour by adding a few drops of our Infill Pigments to create transparent, translucent, opaque and texture finishes. It is used to infill selected areas of the design created by the Outline Resin.


Decorative Resins

At Creative Resins, we proudly introduce our range of Decorative Resins explicitly tailored for stained glass. Our resins can elegantly transform glass windows and shower doors, infusing them with diverse colours and intricate designs. We have specialized Decorative Resins that promises fast curing, high build, exceptional adhesion, suitability for external use, and an eco-friendly profile. Available in a comprehensive spectrum of colours, our decorative resins can be adeptly used to mimic the appearance of lead or the distinct characteristics of stained glass.

Every product we offer, from the Supreme Outline Resin, H2O Outline Resin to the Infill Resin, is heat resistant, waterproof, and UV stable, ensuring confidence with our 10-year warranty. We also present a spray paint variant for stained glass for those seeking an alternative application. Besides our Decorative Resins, our company produces specialist paints for doors, glass, PVCu, and metal, catering to the needs of the construction industry. And to ensure our products reach every creative corner of the world, we provide worldwide shipping.

Beyond just being a product, our Decorative Resins are a testament to our passion for bringing art and science together. We invite you to experience the magic of our products, joining a global community that values quality, durability, and beauty in equal measure. With every purchase, we promise a superior product and unwavering support from our team, ensuring that your visions come to life exactly as you’ve imagined.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Decorative Resins

Ques: What are decorative resins for stained glass used for?
Ans: Decorative Resins is a specially designed material to enhance and beautify glass surfaces. Specifically, these Decorative Resins for stained glass are applied to adorn glass windows and shower doors, effectively capturing the mesmerizing aesthetics of stained glass with many designs. They are an innovative solution for those desiring the traditional stained glass appearance without the associated complexities.

Ques: What creative purposes can these decorative resins serve?
Ans: Decorative resins can serve a myriad of creative purposes. They can simulate the appearance of lead or stained glass for windows, create decorative outlines on glass, and offer a variety of finishes, be it transparent, opaque, translucent, or textured, to stained glass projects. The versatility of these resins makes them a popular choice for enhancing the beauty of various artistic endeavors.

Ques: Are the glass paint products heat-resistant and waterproof?
Ans: Yes, our glass paint products, which incorporate decorative resins, are heat resistant and waterproof. These qualities ensure that the products can withstand various environmental conditions. Integrating decorative resins enhances their aesthetic appeal and bolsters their durability and resistance.

Ques: Do the products come with any warranty?
Ans: Yes, the products, enhanced with decorative resins, come with a 10-year warranty. This warranty not only assures their quality and durability but also underscores the robust nature of the decorative resins used in them. These resins offer the commitment to offering long-lasting and premium-quality products.

Ques: Is there a spray paint variation available for stained glass?
Ans: Yes, a spray paint variation is available for stained glass that incorporates decorative resins. These resins enhance the finish and durability of the spray paint, offering additional convenience for decorative projects. Integrating decorative resins ensures a premium quality result, adding beauty and resilience.

What Our Customers Say About Our Decorative Resins

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