Decorative Resins for Stained Glass

A range of specialised resins for the manufacture of decorative glass.


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Decorative Resins for Stained Glass

Decorate your glass windows or shower doors to replicate stained glass with Creative Resins wide range of Decorative resin paint products to outline your glass framework with breathtaking and mesmerizing designs.

Our decorative resins are available in wide range of colours to serve a range of creative purposes which include, simulating the look of lead or stained glass for windows, creating an outline on glass for decorative purposes and giving a transparent, opaque, and translucent or texture finish to the stained glass.

Our glass paint products give your glass surface the exquisite look they need without erasing its natural aesthetic. The glass paint products we offer are heat resistant, waterproof, and UV stable. In fact, we offer a 10 year warranty on our products to further validate our claims.

We also offer a spray paint variation for stained glass to aid in your decorative endeavors with extra convenience. So feel free to browse through our catalog of top-quality paint products or decorative resin for stained glass today.

Supreme Outline Resin

Supreme Outline Resin is used to apply a resin bead on the surface of glass and other substrates to simulate the look of traditional leaded and stained glass windows.

H2O Outline Resin

A high profile resin bead applied to a glass surface that looks and feels like real lead. It is used to create the outline framework of decorative art glass designs. Available in a wide range of colours.

Infill Resin

A water clear resin that can be transformed into any colour by adding a few drops of our Infill Pigments to create transparent, translucent, opaque and texture finishes. It is used to infill selected areas of the design created by the Outline Resin.