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Satin Infill

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Infill Resin effect that replicates granite stone
Available in white and black 
Exceptional adhesion to glass
Mix in to Clear Colour Base and Hardener



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Creative Resins brings to you the ability to create a spectacular Satin infill resin effect that fundamentally replicates traditional acid etched glass. This satin infill exhibits exceptional adhesion to glass and is ideal for providing that traditional elegant look. Simply mix the satin infill solution with clear colour base and hardener and apply to the glass surface to create great results.

Satin infill effect is easily applied using an application bottle or pipette. It quickly dries to give the appearance and feel of real acid etch / satin glass. Just a few drops of Creative Resins Concentrated Colour Infill Pigments can be added to tint the satin effect giving great unique results.

The finished result is tough and permanent and unlike real satin or acid etched glass does not leave difficult-to-remove fingerprint marks. However, like real satin glass it has the ability of going transparent when clear or transparent paint is applied to the surface.

Satin infill is available in 125ml and 250 ml of volumes.


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125ml, 250ml