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Supreme outline base

Supreme Outline Resin – Base

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Supreme Outline Resin is used to apply a resin bead on the surface of glass and other substrates to simulate the look of traditional leaded and stained glass windows.
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
10 year external and internal warranty
Guaranteed not to fade or delaminate
Temperature and water resistant
Must be mixed with Supreme Outline Hardener



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Supreme Outline Resin base is the original formula designed to replicate the mesmerizing look of traditionally leaded and stained glass windows designed and formulated by Creative Resins over 40 years ago. The product is still going strong today and 1000’s of stained glass panels have been made using this system in more than 50 countries worldwide. Supreme Outline is an equal ratio two-component system comprising of Supreme Outline Base and Supreme Outline Hardener. It is a solvent-based system formulated using Epoxy and Acrylic resins which chemically cure and is a non-isocyanate product. 

The Supreme Resin Outline is applied as a glossy contour line on the surface of glass or any other substrate replicating the look of visually arresting traditional leaded and stained glass windows. 

Both the Supreme Outline Base and Supreme Outline Hardener are mixed together in equal parts and applied to the surface of the glass using the Wizard Illustrator resin dispensing system. The two components mix immediately prior to being dispensed onto the surface creating a medium high glossy profile contour that looks and feels like real lead. It is a blend of Acrylic and Epoxy resins that harden to replicate a traditional stained glass look

The resin solutions also exhibit excellent mechanical properties which include high UV stability, weather-resistance, and the ability to form a permanent bond with the surface of glass. Supreme Outline Resin can be used to decorate glass in composite doors, windows, shower and wet rooms, bars, and hotels.

Creative Resins are the originators of decorative resins for glass. A whole range of exciting products to create Stained Glass are available from our online store at a competitive price and have it delivered directly to your doorstep normally the following day.


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