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Granite Effect Spray Paint – Glass Paint Infill Resins

£15.20 ex VAT

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Infill Resin effect that replicates granite stone
Available in white and black 
Exceptional adhesion to glass
Mix in to Clear Colour Base and Hardener
Size – 50ml



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If you want to produce an infill resin effect that perfectly replicates a granite stone, then Creative Resins’ Granite Effect Infill Glass Paint is the ideal solution for you. GlassPaint Granite Effect infill resin is defined by the exceptional adhesion it exhibits on glass. The resin has to be mixed with Clear Colour Base and Hardener to achieve desirable results. This resin with 50ml of content can cover around 2.5 SQM of area. 

This Granite Effect Paint for glass is a reactive pre-blended solution that is available in Black and White. Add a small amount to the Clear Colour Base and Hardener to replicate the effect of real stone. The Black and White Granite can be mixed to achieve different balances of effect. This Granite effect spray paint can be applied easily using an application bottle or pipette. It provides excellent adhesion and is totally weather and UV-resistant.

Both the white and black granite effect Infill resin is available for purchase at tempting prices at Creative Resins’. They are one of the bestselling products in our store.

So Hurry! and grab one for yourself before we run out of stock. 

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