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Stipple Infill Spray Paint – Glass Paint Specials

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Effect to simulate stippolyte glass
Apply using a pipette or application bottle
Exceptional adhesion to glass
Must be added to Clear Colour Base and Hardener



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Stipployte Glass is typically used for bathrooms and other such areas where you need a textured glass that suitably obscures windows providing some privacy. With Stippolyte glass you get a textured glass pattern that almost looks like light rain drizzling on still water. Achieving this effect on plain glass can be tricky unless you are using Creative Resins’ Stipple infill glass paint. 

The stipple glass paint renders amazing effects that simulate Stippolyte glass. Creative Resins’ stippolyte effect is a solution that gives clear glass a transparent stippled textured effect. It exhibits excellent adhesion to glass, is weather- proof, UV stable and heat resistant. This glass paint stipple effect solution can be applied conveniently via a pipette or an application bottle. 

Stipple Infill is very easy to use. A small portion of this stipple solution is added to clear colour base and hardener. 1 Ltr of this prepared solution will cover approximately 6-7 SqMtrs. Stipple Infill solution is now available at Creative Resins in two size options – 250mL and 1ltr. Choose the one that will best suit your needs and requirements. 


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250ml, 1Ltr