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Decorative Infill Resins for Stained Glass

Creative Resins is your one-stop shop for top-quality decorative resin for stained glass windows and shower doors to give your glass a unique look to marvel at.

Our decorative resins are available in a wide range of colours to serve a range of creative purposes which include simulating the look of lead or stained glass for windows, creating an outline on glass for decorative purposes, and giving a transparent, opaque, and translucent or texture finish to the stained glass.

Our stained glass paint products give your glass surface the colour and design required to look unique and beautiful. The glass paint products we offer are heat resistant, waterproof, and UV stable. In fact, we offer a 10-year warranty on our products to further validate our claims.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Infill Resins

Ques: What are infill resins used for in stained glass projects?
Ans: Infill resin plays a pivotal role in stained glass projects. This resin is specifically used to boost the aesthetics of stained glass by incorporating decorative elements and textures. Additionally, infill resin can emulate the distinct appearance of lead or traditional stained glass.

Ques: What types of infill resins are available for stained glass?
Ans: In stained glass, various infill resin options are available to artists. These infill resins range from clear epoxy resin and transparent glass paint to metallic glass paint and the distinctive cracked ice effect infill. Each type of infill resin is designed to serve unique creative needs in the stained glass industry.

Ques: Are these infill resins heat-resistant and waterproof?
Ans: Indeed, many infill resins crafted for stained glass projects possess qualities like heat resistance and waterproofing. These attributes make the infill resin particularly apt for applications such as windows and shower doors. As a result, these resins provide both functionality and aesthetics to the glasswork.

Ques: Do you offer a warranty for your infill resin products?
Ans: Indeed, when it comes to our infill resin offerings, we stand by their excellence and longevity. That’s why we provide a 10-year warranty on these infill resin products, ensuring our customers have the utmost confidence in their quality and durability. It’s our commitment to delivering reliable and top-notch products to our clientele.

Ques: Can infill resins be used on other surfaces besides stained glass?
Ans: Although primarily crafted for stained glass endeavors, infill resin boasts versatility in its applications. Beyond stained glass, this resin can be applied to various surfaces, including glass doors, decorative glass pieces, and even certain non-glass materials, contingent on the specific product’s specifications. This adaptability broadens the scope of projects one can undertake with infill resin.