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Transparent Glass Paint – Infill Pigment

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Concentrated transparent pigments added to Clear Colour Base and Hardener to replicate stained glass.
Easy to apply using an application bottle or pipette
UV stable
Heat resistant
Excellent adhesion to glass

COVERAGE: 75 ml to 1l = 125ml


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Decorate your shower door or windows with Creative Resins wide range of transparent glass paints to give your feature panel elegance and style. Our translucent paint will convert all types of glass including float, mirror and toughened into vibrant stained glass windows and doors.

This transparent/translucent paint for glass features concentrated pigments that are added to clear colour base and clear colour hardener to replicate the appearance of stained glass. This transparent glass paint can also be applied using a conventional spray gun or simply using an application bottle or pipette.

Our glass paint products give your glass surface the lustre they need adding an artistic design and deep lustre colours without erasing its natural appeal. The glass paint products we offer are heat resistant, waterproof, and UV stable. In fact, we offer a 10-year warranty on our products to further validate the quality of the products.

This heat-resistant transparent glass paint is available in two size options – 125ml and 500ml. The paint is available in a wide range of colours including white, black, violet, green, cerise, blue, yellow, red, ruby red and brown.  All the colours are interminable giving an infinite colour pallet.

You can purchase all our products from our online shop.

We at creative resins are the best suppliers of transparent glass paint in the UK. Feel free to browse through our huge catalogue of top-quality transparent heat-resistant paint products for glass today.


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125ml, 500ml