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Clear Colour Hardener

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Clear Colour Hardener is mixed with Clear Colour Base in equal proportions to give a water clear base that transparent pigments can be added too. It can be applied to all types of glass to provide areas of transparency or coloured detail.
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
10 year external and internal warranty
Guaranteed not to yellow or delaminate
Temperature and water resistant
Must be mixed with Clear Colour Base at 1:1 ratio


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Clear Colour Base and Clear Colour Hardener are mixed together in equal parts to create a water clear resin that cures naturally with a scratch resistant surface. A range of transparent colour pigments are available that can be added to create an infinite colour palette. It can be applied to the glass surface using an application bottle or pipette.
Clear Colour Base and Hardener are a blend of Acrylic and Epoxy resins that have excellent mechanical properties. They are UV stable, weather resistant and form a permanent bond to the surface of glass. Clear Colour Base and Hardener are used to decorate glass in composite doors, windows, shower and wet rooms, bars and hotels. They are often used to infill the areas created by the Outline resin. They can also be applied to sandblast and satin glass where it causes the glass to become transparent offering endless design opportunities.

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