Paint Machinery and Equipment

Our latest paint machinery and equipment gives a unique range of application systems that have revolutionised the window, door and flat glass industries.

spray master 2

Spraying Equipment

Take a look at our fully automatic paint spraying machines and systems for a variety of substrates. Including the Spray Master, Picasso, Curtain Coater and Spraybooth.

mixing shelves 2

Mixing Equipment

We have a range high quality paint mixing equipment so that you can produce Creative Resins Surface Coatings in house. Includes our Automatic Dispenser, Mixing Shelves, Gyroscopic Shaker, Vortex Shaker, Aerosol Canning and Colour Match Software.

Wizard 1

Decorative Equipment

The Wizard Illustrator is a unique decorative glass technology that uses a computer controlled resin dispensing system to create designs onto glass. Constructed from industrial strength aluminium with heavy duty stainless steel guide rails and self-adjusting sealed bearings.

prep master 1

Preparation Equipment

Our sanding machinery can be used before painting/lacquering, between first and second coats and helps prepare the substrate for optimum surface coating adhesion.

Dry Master - Liquid Paint Drying Equipment

Drying Equipment

Our Surface Coating drying machinery can dry painted profiles, doors, glass and many other substrates. Cure painted surfaces or flash-off between coats.

solvent recycler

Cleaning Equipment

We have a range of Paint Cleaning Equipment such as the paint gun wash and solvent recycler.

Chrome Equipment

Our purpose made chrome and antique mirror production stations deliver a perfect mix of all the necessary chrome solutions and purified water to create antique mirror glass or chrome objects simply.

Chrome Spray Station

Chrome Spray System 1

Chrome Spray Station Compact

Chrome Spraying System with Twin Head Spray Gun

Intro Gun

Chrome Intro Gun