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Laminating and Casting Resins

A range of water clear resins especially formulated for the production of river tables, jewellery, glass decoration and safety glass.


Water Clear Transparency


Light Weight


Glass Like Finish


Revoluntionary Formulation


Excellent Adhesion

laminating resin 2

Laminating Resin

Laminating Resin is a crystal clear transparent resin especially designed to remain water clear even when catalysed. Used for the lamination of glass sheets to create safety glass.

clear cast 20 3

Clear Cast 20

Clear Cast 20 is a fast cure water clear epoxy casting resin designed for use on table and counter tops, Craft Jewellery and 3D Glass decoration up to a maximum depth of 20mm.

clear cast 50 1

Clear Cast 50

Clear Cast 50 is a super clear epoxy resin especially formulated for thick section bubble free casting up to a depth of 50mm. This slow cure resin is perfect for making River Tables, Figurines and Paper Weights.

Crystalite Resin

Crystalite is a unique transparent polyester and acrylic resin that allows simple, fast and economic reproduction of any bevelled, leaded or fused glass panel – no matter how complicated the design.


Crystalite Resin

Crystalite can be used in an external location encapsulated within a sealed unit. The hard surface of the Crystalite resin material can also be used in a single glazed environment such as Kitchen Units, Furniture, Shower Screens, and Decorative Mirrors.


crystalite 2

The revolutionary poly-acrylic formulation gives excellent resistance against weathering and UV light as well as a permanent bond to all types of glass. Individual bevels can be easily coloured giving unique results.


crystalite 3

A complete range of exclusive designs for Composite Doors is available for in house production. As with all Creative Resin products a comprehensive 10 year warranty applies.


Laminating and Casting Resins

Our company offers an extensive “Laminating and Casting Resins” range suitable for various applications. We provide laminating and casting resins perfect for jewelry production, glass decoration, and safety glass. These resins boast water-clear transparency, a glass-like finish, superior adhesion, and cutting-edge formulations. Our Laminating Resin is expertly crafted for creating safety glass by laminating glass sheets, ensuring pristine water clarity. Clear Cast 20, a part of our laminating and casting resins portfolio, is a fast-cure epoxy casting resin ideal for table and countertop use, craft jewelry, and 3D glass decoration up to 20mm depth. Clear Cast 50 is a super-clear epoxy resin suitable for thick section casting up to 50mm depth, making it perfect for River Tables, figurines, and paperweights.

Furthermore, our Crystalite Resins is a distinctive transparent polyester and acrylic resin blend, expertly designed for replicating beveled, led, or fused glass panels across diverse applications. Crystalite can be employed in external settings, showcasing excellent resistance to weathering and UV light. Additionally, we offer a range of designs for Composite Doors, all backed by a 10-year warranty. Our company also manufactures specialist paints for doors, glass, PVCu, and metal, catering to the construction industry’s needs.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Laminating and Casting Resins

Ques: What are laminating and casting resins used for?
Ans: Laminating and casting resins are crucial in many creative and functional projects. They are commonly employed for various applications, including crafting river tables, designing intricate jewelry, enhancing glass decoration, and ensuring the production of robust safety glass. The versatility and durability of laminating and casting resins make them indispensable for these tasks.

Ques: Which type of resin is best for jewelry production?
Ans: A specific type of laminating and casting resins is often recommended for jewelry production to achieve optimal results. Laminating and casting resins are tailored to provide the durability and aesthetic appeal essential for jewelry pieces. Their unique properties ensure that the finished jewelry looks stunning and stands the test of time.

Ques: Can these resins be used for glass decoration?
Ans: Yes, laminating and casting resins are specifically formulated to be suitable for glass decoration. When applied to glass surfaces, their unique properties ensure a flawless bond and enhanced visual appeal. Utilizing laminating and casting resins for glass decoration can elevate the overall aesthetics and durability of the finished piece.

Ques: How does Clear Cast 50 differ from Clear Cast 20 in terms of depth?
Ans: Clear Cast 50 and Clear Cast 20 are variants of our laminating and casting resins, each designed for specific depth requirements. Clear Cast 50 is crafted for projects demanding thicker casting up to 50mm in depth, while Clear Cast 20 caters to applications requiring depths up to 20mm. These specialized laminating and casting resins ensure optimal results for projects of varying thicknesses.

Ques: Do these resins come with any warranties?
Ans: Some of our laminating and casting resins come with warranties, reflecting our commitment to quality and durability. As each resin might differ, we always recommend checking with us, the manufacturer, for specific warranty information regarding our laminating and casting resins. This ensures our customers have clear expectations and peace of mind about their purchase.

What Our Customers Say About Our Laminating and Casting Resins

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