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Clear Casting Resin – Clear Cast 20

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Exceptionally clear casting resin for various surfaces
Extremely transparent and non yellowing
Can be coloured using Creative Resins pigments
For internal use only

COVERAGE: 1m2 per 500ml mixture


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Creative Resins’ phenomenal Clear Cast 20 is an exceptionally clear casting resin ideal for application on a variety of surfaces. This clear cast epoxy resin exhibits properties of extreme transparency while being completely impervious to ‘Yellowing’. The resin can be coloured, tinted or marbled using Creative Resins’ range of pigments and special effects. 

This is a two-component Clear Casting Epoxy resin, which possesses medium viscosity, good pot life, and extreme transparency. As such, it can cast up to 20mm thick in a single application while also exhibiting good degassing properties. It also benefits considerably from being lightweight with minimal shrinkage and is non-yellowing. 

The clear cast resin and hardener can be machined and polished to achieve a glass-like finish. The resin is also known for its fast cure time. 

It was specially formulated to give excellent protection and decoration to bar and table tops but can also be used for a variety of other applications such 3D raindrop and teardrop effects on glass and mirrors. Apart from the above it can also be used to create river resin tables as well as decorative castings such as costume jewellery. You can also add a wide range of colours and decorative effects to create limitless decorative objects, all available from our on line shop.

Suffice to say, if you are looking for top-quality clear cast resin in UK, then look no further than Creative Resins.


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1.5Ltrs (1Ltr Base / 500ml Catalyst), 4.5Ltrs (3Ltrs Base / 1.5Ltrs Catalyst)