Surface Coatings

At Creative Resins we provide Surface Coatings for Composite Doors, PVCu Windows, Plastics, Metals, Woods and Floor Paints. Our range of high performance industrial quality coatings allow for endless colour choice as well as long term warranties and guarantees for a variety of substrates.

plaspaint brush n roll

Door and Window Paint

Exterior grade surface coatings for Composite Doors, PVCu Windows, Plastics, Metals and Woods available in 1k and 2K solvent and Water-Based. Part of our PlasPaint door and window paint range.

laminating resin 3

Glass Paint

Specialist paints for use on Glass Splash-backs, Back Painted Glass, Shower Doors and Screens available in 1K and 2K solvent and also Water-Based systems.

metal sheild primer

Metal Paint

A range of 1K and 2K coatings that offer infinite colours and exceptional anti-corrosion protection to Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised materials and Aluminium.

timber and decking paint 2

Floor Paint

A range of surface coatings that provide excellent durability. Our floor paint range includes non-slip, concrete seal and timber & decking paint.

Aerosol 1

Aerosol Paint

PlasPaint 1K and 2K are available in aerosol cans for on site touch ups, repairs and even colour matching trims and beading. Any colour is possible from our Colour Match software and is available in Matt, Satin and Gloss.


Pigment and Colour Match

We offer a colour matching service to all our customers using in house state of the art equipment. Simply select a colour, the quantity required and the base product you are using and ‘Colour match’ will generate a formulation showing the required colours and quantity of each.