Creative Resins is proud to introduce our new GlassPaint Roller Application and GlassPaint H20.

Glass Roller Application

Our GlassPaint Roller Application is a single component product that is an easy to use, fast drying system that allows you to create your own coloured splash backs – saving you both time and money!

Our cured paint is colour fast, waterproof and heat resistant so is the perfect product for both kitchen and bathroom environments. GlassPaint Roller Application is virtually odorless making it ideal for use on site as well as in the workshop. It is easy to apply with a standard paint roller eliminating the need for a spray booth.

And to top it off there is minimal waste. What is not used can simply be returned to the original container for a later date.

This premium product comes in a vast range of colours and is available in 1 ltr and 2.5 ltrs.

GlassPaint H20

Our new GlassPaint H20 formulation is now ECO friendly and completely VOC free  – And better yet, any colour is available!

This specially formulated water based acrylic resin paint is designed for the back painting of all glass types.

Our paint is heat, water and chemical resistant, making it the perfect application for kitchen splash backs, worktops, bathrooms and wet rooms.  It is also weather proof and has excellent UV resistant properties making it ideal to use in external locations.

We are so confident with this products high performance characteristics that it is offered with a ten year warranty to all our customers against delamination and colour fade.

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