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Clear Epoxy Casting Resin – Clear Cast 50

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Exceptionally clear casting resin for various surfaces
Extremely transparent and non yellowing
Can be casted up to 50mm thick in one application
Can be machine polished for glass like finish

COVERAGE: 1m2 per 500ml mixture


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Clear Cast 50

Creative Resins’ Clear Cast 50 is an exceptional clear casting resin that is ideal for application on a variety of surfaces to achieve a visually stunning look. It is extremely transparent, and is not at all prone to ‘Yellowing’. This Clear cast resin can be cast up to 50mm thick in a single application. The resin can also be machined and processed and polished to accomplish a glass-like finish.

This is a two-component Clear Cast Epoxy resin, which possesses medium viscosity, good pot life, and extreme transparency. As such, it can be cast up to 50mm thick in a single pour while also exhibiting good degassing properties, even with maximum thickness. It also benefits considerably from being lightweight with virtually no shrinkage and is non-yellowing.

The resin exhibits excellent adhesion to most substrates especially glass and metals and wood. It can also be used to create worktops and tabletops. It is especially good for producing ‘River Resin’ tables and for general casting where exceptional transparency is required. A wide range of colours including transparent tints and decorative effect fillers can be added to create limitless decorative objects.

Creative Resins is one of the best clear epoxy casting resin suppliers in the industry today. You can purchase the casting resin from our online store at an unparalleled price, and we will deliver it quickly to your doorstep.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Epoxy Casting 50 Resin

Ques: What is Creative Resins’ Clear Cast 50 resin used for?
Ans: Clear Cast 50 is an exceptional clear casting resin suitable for various applications, including creating worktops, table tops, “River Resin” tables, and other decorative objects that require exceptional transparency.

Ques: Does Clear Cast epoxy resin turn yellow over time?
Ans: No, Clear Cast epoxy is not prone to yellowing, ensuring that your projects maintain clarity and transparency over time.

Ques: Can I cast thick layers with Clear Cast 50 resin?
Ans: Yes, it can be cast up to 50mm thick in a single application, making it versatile for various projects and achieving visually stunning results.

Ques: What substrates does Clear Cast 50 adhere to?
Ans: Clear Cast 50 exhibits excellent adhesion to various substrates, including glass, metals, and wood, making it suitable for various applications.

Ques: Can I customize the appearance of Clear Cast 50 resin?
Ans: It can be customized with a wide range of colours, including transparent tints and decorative effect fillers, allowing you to create limitless decorative objects and achieve your desired visual effects.

What Our Customers Say About Our Clear Cast 50

  • Finding the Creative Resin was a revelation for my small business; they allowed us to achieve flawlessly transparent and sturdy creations, solving our previous issues with bubbles and clarity in our custom-made river tables.
  • As a jeweler, working with Creative Resin’s has been an absolute joy; it solved my perpetual struggle with yellowing and provided the perfect, unblemished canvas to encapsulate delicate, floating blossoms within my wearable art pieces.
  • We were on the brink of abandoning a crucial project due to consistent issues with resin transparency until we discovered Clear Cast 50 from Creative Resin, which ensured that our 3D model encapsulations were clear and undistorted.
  • Our antique restoration work has reached new heights since we switched to using it, ensuring we could flawlessly repair and restore vintage furniture pieces with a visually seamless and structurally robust solution.
  • Creative Resins’ Clear Cast 50 was the best decision for our artwork creations, offering us a highly transparent, durable, and easy-to-work-with medium that resolved our long-standing issues with creating depth and three-dimensionality in our resin art pieces.

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2.84Ltrs (2Ltr Base / 840ml Catalyst), 7.1Ltrs (5Ltrs Base / 2.1Ltrs Catalyst)