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Antique Mirror and Chrome Paint

Transform any object into a highly reflective chrome or mirror finish.


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Mirror Spray is a unique highly reflective spray paint that transforms clear glass in to perfect mirror finish. It can be applied to selective areas for decoration or full sheets.

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At Creative Resins we have revolutionised the whole chrome and mirror process, making it easy to use with perfect results time and time again. Years of development have culminated in new safe to use solutions that allow anyone to chrome objects or create Antique Mirrors and achieve a professional finish.


Antique & Decorative Mirror

A range of antique mirror and decorative effects each with their own unique identity that are easily achieved using the specially prepared antique solutions. The antique solutions are available in a range of colours and are simply applied using a trigger spray bottle or aerosol can. They react naturally with each other resulting in a stunning range of effects.


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Antique Mirror and Chrome Paint

Creative Resins is proud to present a unique collection of finishes, including our top-rated chrome spray paint and chrome paint explicitly designed for materials like metal and plastic. Imagine turning ordinary objects into masterpieces with our mirror paint, achieving impeccable reflectivity comparable to a chrome mirror. For those working on metallic surfaces, our chrome paint for metal and chrome spray paint for metal guarantee a glossy, mirror-like finish. We haven’t forgotten the plastic enthusiasts; our chrome paint for plastic and chrome spray paint for plastic are tailored for optimum adherence and radiance on plastic surfaces.

Venturing beyond the classic chrome, dive deep into our black chrome paint, a sultry variant of the regular antique mirror and chrome paint. If you’re looking to mend minor imperfections, our chrome touch up paint comes to the rescue, ensuring your items remain flawless. Transform clear glass effortlessly with our mirror spray paint, which conjures a pristine mirror finish. Dive into the world of vintage aesthetics with our antique effect mirror range, a part of our Antique & Decorative Mirror collection, offering various tones and shades. We are dedicated to equipping you with various paint-related products, making Creative Resins your one-stop destination. We specialize in producing specialist paints for doors, glass, PVCu, and metal to cater to the diverse needs of the construction industry. With worldwide shipping on offer and free UK shipping for orders over £100, we invite you to discover the transformative power of our paints.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Antique Mirror and Chrome Spray Paint Solutions

Ques: What are Antique Mirror and Chrome Paint used for?
Ans: Antique Mirror and Chrome Paint, including our mirror chrome paint and mirror effect spray paint, are crafted to transform various objects into highly reflective finishes. These unique formulations can give items a look that resembles antique mirrors or stunning chrome mirror finish paint. Whether you’re reaching for our silver chrome spray paint, chrome silver spray paint, mirror chrome spray paint, or the mirror finish chrome paint, you can expect a brilliant and authentic reflection akin to vintage mirrors or chrome surfaces.

Ques: How does Mirror Spray work to create a mirror finish?
Ans: Mirror Spray is a specialized formula with elements reminiscent of liquid chrome paint and chrome effect spray paint. This innovative silver chrome paint transforms it into a flawless mirror finish when applied to clear glass. Not only does it adhere superbly to the glass surface, but it also reflects light just like a traditional mirror. Our waterproof chrome paint ensures durability, while our spray chrome UK variant provides optimal results for those in the UK. If you’re after a luminous sheen, the chrome effect paint in our range will not disappoint.

Ques: Can I use Chrome-IT to achieve professional results quickly?
Ans: Chrome-IT, infused with our signature chrome silver paint and chrome mirror paint, simplifies the chrome and mirror painting process. It’s not just about spraying with paint chrome; our product ensures that even the silver paint for mirrors application results in a brushed finish akin to a brushed chrome mirror. With the convenience of chrome spray uk for our British customers, Chrome-IT is your go-to solution for achieving professional-quality results, making mirror painting accessible and user-friendly for all.

Ques: What are Antique Solutions, and how are they used for decorative effects?
Ans: Antique Solutions, enriched with elements similar to chrome colour paint and mirror effect paint, are specially formulated solutions available in an array of colours. These solutions can be applied using traditional trigger spray bottles, spray paint mirror techniques or aerosol cans. Once applied, they react with each other and the base material, often evoking the brilliance of silver mirror paint or the luster of mirror finish chrome spray paint. This interplay between solutions facilitates chrome spraying and even allows for the versatility of chrome acrylic paint, ensuring stunning antique and decorative outcomes.

Ques: Does Creative Resins offer worldwide shipping for their products?
Ans: Indeed, Creative Resins proudly offers worldwide shipping, ensuring that our range of products, including chrome spray paint, chrome paint, and mirror paint, is within reach for enthusiasts and professionals everywhere. Whether you’re seeking antique mirror and chrome paint for metal, a captivating chrome mirror finish, or specialized chrome paint for plastic, we’ve got you covered. Our commitment is to make these premium paints easily accessible to customers across the globe.

Customer Reviews on Our Antique Mirror and Chrome Paint Products

  • I struggled to find high-quality chrome metal paint for my art projects before discovering Creative Resins. Their mirror chrome finish is unparalleled, transforming my work completely.
  • I’ve always looked for durable chrome plastic paint. Thanks to Creative Resins, I finally found a plastic chrome paint that adheres beautifully and lasts. Their products are a game-changer!
  • Creative Resins’ chrome spray paint exceeded all my expectations. The finish is vibrant, and the quality is top-notch. It’s now my go-to for all my restoration projects.
  • As a professional artist, I’ve tried various brands, but the depth and brilliance of Creative Resins’ chrome paint and mirror paint are unmatched. Plus, their chrome paint for metal has given my sculptures a new life.
  • I was skeptical about finding a paint that would stick well to plastic and still look premium. Then I found Creative Resins’ chrome mirror and chrome paint for plastic. The results were nothing short of astonishing. I’ll never use another brand again.