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Mirror Effect Glass Paint Special Spray
Mirror Effect Glass Paint Special Spray
Mirror Effect Glass Paint Special Spray

Mirror Effect Spray Paint for Glass – GlassPaint Special

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Looking for the perfect Mirror Effect Paint? Well, we’ve got just mirror paint for you. 

High reflective paint for glass replicating real mirror
Can be applied to toughened glass
Excellent adhesion to glass
Back with a dark colour using GlassPaints Supreme



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We at Creative Resins have just the mirror paint you need to create perfect highly reflective mirrors. We offer a wide range of glass paint products that are probably the best options available in the market today including 1K mirror paints.

We provide industrial quality heat resistant and waterproof mirror glass paint products that will not discolour, scratch or delaminate. The mirror paint is highly reflective and transforms any type of glass into a highly reflective mirror without multiply processes.  It’s so easy.

Combine the mirror paint with our innovative range of antique solutions and you can transform small or large glass panels into extremely realistic antique mirrors giving them a really authentic feel. The combinations of mirror distressing and aging along with the variety of blemish colours make Mirror Paint an exceptional product. So whether you have an antique mirror that needs some restoration or maintenance or want to make your own antique mirror or just transform plain glass into mirror we have just the glass paint products you need.

A one component highly reflective mirror paint for use on glass and plastic. Very easy to apply using a conventional spray gun. This fast drying mirror paint works on any type of glass including toughened and can be used to create a numerous Antique Mirror effects. It is so good it looks exactly like a real mirror. Our mirror effect paint is also available in Aerosol. 

Suffice to say, if you are looking for the ideal mirror effect spray paint for glass in UK, look no further than Creative Resins.


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