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PlasPaint Catalyst Hardener

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Hardener for PlasPaint Base
Use at a 20% ratio of PlasPaint Base


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PlasPaint Catalyst increases the physical properties of your chosen paint. PlasPaint catalyst is a substance added to the Plaspaint base coat that forms a crosslinking reaction that enhances chemical, scratch, solvent, abrasion resistance, adhesion, and shine. It is a vital part of PlasPaint 2K and a must-have item in Creative Resins’ wood and door paint product catalog.

It is added to the PlasPaint Base Coat before usage in an amount of 20%.

This catalytic hardener can increase drying time by up to 40 percent, increase finish hardness by up to 30 percent, and increase gloss by up to 10 percent.

Our Catalytic Hardener contains a unique catalyst that improves general paint hardness and glosses while reducing drying time.

It provides maximum corrosion resistance properties. It offers high thermal stability and better impact resistance. They are highly versatile and compatible and can be cured at room and elevated temperatures. It also helps improve mechanical properties as well as deliver excellent bonding and crosslinking properties.

PlasPaint Catalyst is available in 2.5-liter and 5-liter sizes from Creative Resins. Surface coating and paint products are obtainable on next-day delivery at the best prices from the Creative Resins online store.


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Weight4.75 kg

2.5Ltr, 5Ltr