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plaspaint brush n roll
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UPVc Composite Door Paint – PlasPaint Brush n Roll

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PlasPaint Brush n Roll is specially designed for self-application with a standard roller or brush
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
10 year external and internal warranty
Guaranteed to not scratch, fade or delaminate
Temperature and water resistant



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PlasPaint Brush n Roll is a highly versatile commercial Polyurethane-Acrylic formulation. It is a combined primer and topcoat paint specifically formulated to provide outstanding performance on a variety of substrates. It can be applied directly onto Fibreglass (GRP) thus making it perfect for composite doors, Rigid Plastics (ASA, ABS), UPVc  (PVCu), Steel and Aluminium. This single-component paint is extremely economical as there is no waste. What is not used can be returned to the tin to be used in the future. Available in any colour. 1 litre of this 1K door paint can cover approximately 9 SQM of surface area. This paint is also available in a wide range of colours such as RAL, Pantone, Dulux, NCS, Crown and more and is also available in aerosol cans

This 1K composite door paint is ideal for composite doors, UPVC profile, kitchen cupboard doors and other surfaces such as steel and aluminium. 

The product is specifically designed for self-application with a standard roller and brush although it can also be easily applied using a conventional spray gun. It is both water and heat resistant, comes with an impeccable 10 year warranty period and is suitable for both internal and external applications.


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