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Sandblast Effect

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Spray effect that looks and feels like real sandblast glass
Perfect for privacy glass
Heat resistant and UV stable
Easy to apply using a conventional spray gun



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Add a little artistic twist to your glass painting endeavors with our frosted glass spray paint for unique decorative panache. Our frosted paint for glass provides you with an easy way to create an etching effect on your windows, glass doors, skylights, composite doors, shower doors or room dividers.

This glass frosting paint from the house of Creative Resins is ideal for adding privacy to your interior windows, mirrors, shower doors, and other such surfaces. Moreover, this frost spray paint for glass is perfect for creating a decorative look as well while adding to your privacy. 

Our frosted glass paint is weatherproof, heat resistant, and alkali resistant to offer guaranteed protection from delamination, scratches, and fading of colours. We ensure our customers get only the best-frosted spray paints for glass. As such we offer a 10 year internal and external warranty on all our products. You can apply frosted glass paint through a conventional gravity-fed spray gun or for large commercial volumes try our ingeniously innovative Picasso machine for automated glass spraying. The choice is yours to make.  It is even available is aerosol cans for smaller projects or stencil designs on mirrors and privacy screens.

This frosted glass spray paint is a pre-mixed ready-to-use paint that is easily applied using a conventional spray gun and dries to a fine smooth texture finish with the look and feel of real satin acid etched glass. No mess or dust and does not create difficult to remove fingerprints and it still has the benefit of going transparent when clear or transparent paint is applied to the surface.

The elegant design and finish produced by this frosted glass finish spray paint also make the glass surface suitable for stencil work and decor use. As such, this is an ideal frosted glass paint for windows, mirrors, showers doors, and more.

1 Ltr of this glass frosting paint will cover approximately 10 Sq Mtrs of surface area. This robust frosted glass spray paint is now available at Creative Resins’ online store in 1Ltr and 5ltr size options as well as in aerosol cans. 


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