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GlassPaint Special Effect – Pearlescent

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Pearlescent effect sprayed on to glass to give a shimmering effect
Add 20% in to GlassPaints Supreme
Can be applied on any type of glass
Back with a contrast colour for stunning results


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Create something different and spray your glass surface with the magnificent look and appeal of shimmering pearls using GlassPaint Special Effect – Pearlescent. This easily sprayed solution gives the surface of the glass an exclusive depth of character. GlassPaints Pearlescent can be applied onto any type of glass surface creating a vast menu of stunning effects. 

Pearlescent can be applied on its own to give a translucent effect allowing light to pass through it causing the pearls to dance. Alternatively it can be backed in any solid colour creating a wealth of different finishes to suit any interior colour scheme.  Ideal for splash-backs or shower enclosures, Pearlescent is heat resistant and waterproof.  Simply add 20% of the Pearlescent concentrated solution to GlassPaint supreme and simply spray using a conventional spray gun creating a wealth of exclusive finishes. 

You can buy this product or any other special effect GlassPaint product at unparalleled prices from Creative Resins’ online store today. 


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