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GlassPaint H2O Base – Low VOC Paint for Glass

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GlassPaint H2O is an extremely low VOC paint for glass
Suitable for domestic and commercial use
10 year external and internal warranty
Guaranteed to not scratch, fade or delaminate
Temperature and water resistant


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The GlassPaint H2O base is an environmentally friendly water-based glass paint classified as a low VOC GlassPaint coating. Also, it is an exceptionally low odour, non-flammable, water repellant, alkali resistant, weatherproof, and UV stable coating specifically designed to adhere to all types of glasses permanently. Our water-based glass paint cleans up with water, so you can say goodbye to strong solvents and paint thinners!

You can match any colour from Creative Resins WB colour pigments and colour match software for any decorating scheme. It’s also fully self-priming, so preparing the surface for our water-based paint is the same as for solvent-based paint – clean the glass with alcohol until it is super clean and you are ready to start painting.

It is as tough as solvent-based paint. You still get an excellent, lasting bond with the glass. You can handle the water-based glass paint after about 4 hours, and it can cure in 1 to 3 days, creating a permanent bond. Even though it’s water-based, moisture doesn’t affect it! There is no peeling, loosening, cracking, or bubbles.

You can mount the glass with neutral-curing silicone glue. You can also use double-sided glass tape rated to support the weight of your project. If you want more information about GlassPaint H2O base, please visit our website or online store.

Key Features:

Exceptional Durability and Reliability:GlassPaint H2O Base isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s built to last. It has an impressive 10-year warranty for internal and external use, ensuring that your glass surfaces remain vibrant and intact. This paint guarantees resistance to scratching, fading, and delamination, ensuring that your glass surfaces look pristine for years.

Advanced Technical Properties: The paint’s formulation is a marvel of modern science. It is water-repellant, alkali-resistant, weatherproof, and UV stable. These properties make GlassPaint H2O a perfect fit for all glass surfaces, ensuring permanent adhesion and maintaining aesthetic appeal irrespective of environmental conditions.

User-Friendly Application: One of the most notable advantages of GlassPaint H2O is its user-friendly nature. It is exceptionally low-odour and non-flammable, making it a safer choice for indoor use. The clean-up process is hassle-free, requiring just water, thus eliminating the need for strong solvents or paint thinners. This feature is particularly beneficial in reducing the environmental impact and health hazards associated with traditional glass paints.

Colour Customization and Preparation:With Creative Resins’ WB colour pigments and colour match software, customization becomes limitless. You can match any colour to fit your decoration theme, giving you complete creative freedom. Preparing the surface for GlassPaint H2O is as straightforward as for solvent-based paints – thoroughly cleaning with alcohol until the glass is super clean and you’re ready to paint.

Performance and Curing: Despite being water-based, GlassPaint H2O rivals solvent-based paints in toughness and durability. It forms an excellent bond with glass and is resistant to moisture, peeling, loosening, cracking, or bubbling. The paint base can be handled approximately 4 hours after application and cures fully in 1 to 3 days, creating a permanent, resilient bond.

Installation Flexibility: The painted glass can be mounted using neutral curing silicone glue or double-sided glass tape, depending on the requirements of your project. This flexibility ensures that GlassPaint H2O can be used in various applications, from decorative pieces to functional glass installations.

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