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GlassPaint Special Effect – Satin

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Create the appearance of satin glass
Suitable for internal and external application
Excellent adhesion to glass
Perfect for privacy glass



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We offer “GlassPaint Special Effects – Satin,” a high-quality glass paint to provide excellent adhesion and the appearance of acid etch or satin glass. These coatings come with a pre-mixed formula of adhesion enhancers ready to paint and therefore do not require additional adhesion additives. Also, these coatings are 100% UV resistant and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

The satin effect can be tinted by adding pigmentation. You can also create transparent surfaces with a matte glass look. The Satin Effect is ideal for producing a unique frosted glaze or Acid Etch look on all types of glass including mirrors, toughened, and laminated glass.

We offer a variety of Special Effect glass coatings that are all easily applied. Satin Special Effect is unique in that it feels and looks like real satin/acid etch glass but is easily cleaned and does not leave fingerprints.
To achieve a uniform surface coat using Satin Special Effect simply clean the glass using the recommended glass cleaner and apply 2-3 coats using a conventional spray. Allow the Satin paint to dry. The more coats that are applied the more obscure the glass becomes but will still allow the even transfer of light through it. The glass can also be stenciled to achieve partial designs. We have many years of experience in producing paints and special effects for glass and pride ourselves on developing premium quality products at the highest level and ensuring that each product is shipped with care and attention to our customers.

Creative Resins’ GlassPaint Special Effects-Satin provides a cost-effective way of producing Satin / Acid Etch glass without the necessity of holding large stocks of sheet glass. Simply cut the glass to size and spray it. Add a touch of colour to achieve unique results. Its unique weather-resistant technology can be effortlessly applied using a conventional spray gun. One liter of glass paint can cover an area of 10 square meters.


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